​"​​Never flinch the 50/50 ball right? Y'gotta get in..."

Barry Hollinshead remembers his time playing "Rod Osbourne" in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

I first experienced school at the tender age of 5 at Walkergate Primary School. I served there until I was the ripe old age of 11 and moved onto bigger ventures, aka Benfield Comprehensive. Whilst at Benfield my particular favourite lesson was Drama. It was down to my love for the performing arts I was given the opportunity to play the original son of Oz in the second series of Auf Wiedersehen Pet at the age of 13. This was a great experience, but unfortunately my glittering acting career ended after that (not that I was a bad actor, far from it, I'm great - haven't you seen the show ?!?) but my wish was to join the armed forces after school, a sort of family tradition thing like. After serving with the British army in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers I worked in construction for a few years until I went back to education and gaining my degree and I now work in the pharmaceutical industry.​



I remember one story concerning Gary Holton; we were rehearsing in London and it was the "Oz meets Rod after school" scene and Gary was just sat at the side of the rehearsal room just watching and listening. Well when we did scene rehearsals everybody, as an act of respect and such, stayed quiet while you were doing your bit and so on. Well me and Jimmy were going through the "I'm ten Dad!" stuff and American football jackets, and if you can remember I tell Oz that American football is my favourite sport and how the Steelers are my favourite team. Oz then asks "What about Newcastle United?" Rod replies "Rubbish!". Well as soon as I said it, Gary just broke his silence and started this extremely loud and uncontrollable laughter and put us all off and you could hear him saying "I tell him that week in-week out, why has it took a 12 year old to nail the message home?" Every time we tried to carry on we were disturbed with the Holton repeating over and over the immortal word "Rubbish!".

Thanks to Barry for taking the time to speak to me. Cheers Baz!