I liked Gary very much!

"I did an episode of Minder with Gary when I first started acting. We played brothers who were villains in the show and we got on really well. It helped that I was a music fan and had seen his band live! He liked that! We discussed music a lot.


He was a very warm fun guy with a great sense of humour and huge energy. I enjoyed my scenes with him very much though from time to time he'd improvise the odd line but was quickly reigned in by the script supervisor. He was very keen to make the scenes work which was terrific, coming up with lots of ideas.  It helped of course that the Minder cast and crew were a friendly lot as well and very supportive.

It can be quite difficult for actors just coming in for one episode. Dennis Waterman was great (I ended up playing for his football team regularly) and George Cole was a friend of my dad's which helped. (My dad was an actor and they'd worked together) After the filming I met Gary in Maida Vale where he was living at the time in various pubs and round at his flat.


He was a cheery live wire character with a sweet soft side.

His death was a shock to say the least. I miss him."

Huge thanks go to Jonathan for talking to me!


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