Gary Holton & Mickey Waller talk to Martin J Louis

Six months ago I came across the Heavy Metal Kids. The second time was at Reading Fesitval, and their popularity raised rapidly. When I met Gary he was with a gang of friends following their show at the famous Marquee venue. His trousers half-buttoned, beer in one hand and a whip in another...kind of whipping his imaginary slave.

​Gary: Are we known in Spain? Have our records appeared there?


Martin: No, nothing has appeared, though I hope your LP will appear shortly. Could we chat with Mickey?

Gary: Yeah, bring in Mickey - he's a mainstay of Heavy Metal Kids and our bass player Ronnie Thomas.

Martin: Gary, you're looking for that rock and roll image. Why are you so abrupt?

Gary: You've defined it. It's to provoke and to entertain the audience. I'm looking for communication with audience and this is a way to get it.

Martin: Is this the way to go into the Rock'n'Roll?

Gary: It's possible. Steve Marriot, David Byron and Rossi & Parfitt confirm it.

Martin: Gary, what's your background?

Gary: My background is from the theatre, and whilst I was in "HAIR" I realised that I wanted was to sing.

Martin: I trained in France then came here, could your music have worked there?

Gary: We formed, or rather, we met in Saint Tropez, but we are English and our music is designed for our English audience.

Martin: You had a line, a path to follow?

Gary: Look at us, we formed because there was nobody who could do what we do. In some groups there guys who are very good musicians, who often have good ideas, but on stage are extremely bored.

Martin: Mickey, you bring serenity, you're like a catalytic agent to offset Gary's antics?

Mickey: So I believe! Although I don't intend to be.

Martin: Who are your favorite musicians?

Mickey: BB King, Jeff Beck and Steve Howe of Yes.

Martin: Do you prefer American or English Rock?

Mickey: English rock is a dirtier sound, the American sound is transparent. Although it's possible for us to get closer to the American sound.

Martin: In one year are you happy with what the band has achieved?

Mickey: With one LP on the market I think we can be satisfied.

Martin: Will the Kids release any more albums?

Gary: We have enough recorded material mate, but the next thing will be the release of a single and live performances, then by February we can have a rest!