Just You Dare Ask For More...

Well you know what they say about people with one leg. I don't actually, but even Gary Holton of the Heavy Metal Kids can't arrange a punch up on the doorstep for every interviewer and you gotta sling in some kinda intro.

Apparantly, a bit of the old aggro was how the mob found themselves a name. "We were called Legs when we was out on the Costa del Riviera or whatever they call it, livin' in beach huts and doin' washing up during the day so we could pay for our drinks at the club we was playing at. But when we came back we were down the Speak one night and there was this group playing really bad. People were throwing things at 'em and suddenly - BANG! - we're there, the five of us with mike stands defending the band. We were pissed out of our brains and we wanted a barney. So this geezer comes up afterwards an' said "You're a right buncha heavy metal kids" so we thought "Yeah, we'll buy that."

And the band tend to get a bit Oliver Twist on stage eh?

"We used to, but all the theatricals have made us cut down a bit on the booze. Well, I've got to own up - (lets out a charastic Tommy Cooper guffaw and takes another swig of lager) we haven't really, but we all think we have. We just incorporated a bottle of brandy and a crate of lagers in our contract. We got described as a chimpanzee's tea party in a live review once - it's so bad we're thinking of putting it on the back of the next album."

Does all this booze glorius booze make for all that hectic aggression onstage? "I love aggrivation, I thrive on it. I see guys out there that I used to go to school with yellin' "Piss off!" but I love it all. One time we were up in Aberdeen and suddenly this geezer grabs the mike and says "Do you know Knock On Wood?" and we don't so he says "You've got five seconds to learn." So we played it of course, but at the end we all went up to the front of the stage and put the boot in, and now we always do Knock On Wood for our encore."

So how come all this two-fingered raw power goes down the plughole in vinyl? "Yeah, that is our main problem at the moment, 'cos we're a live band. We're gonna try for a much looser sound on the next album, all the dolbies are gona be off. We gotta coupla comical numbers and a really filthy one called "Suck Away" about two young girls we met at a gig."

You've been accused of being "hyped" by all the promotion from Atlantic's Dave "Fagin" Dee... "I tell ya, we earn pennies, I've never been so broke! You shoulda seen me in the last group I was in - a £100,000 disaster called Biggles. I had all the clothes, a pad in Chelsea, sixty notes a week and we rehearsed for nine months and never played one gig! An' now we're sloggin' up and down the motorway and we're getting called pampered kids."

So this HM Kid ain't exactly an overnight sensation. In fact he's been through quite a few weird scenes already. He played the Artful Dodger in the stage version of Oliver, a National Theatre member for two years, had a part in Hair, became a soprano opera star at Sadlers Wells and got thrown out of the Central School ("but then so did Sir Laurence"). That next album's gonna be "take the test time" though 'cos with all that acting experience and the impression thathe's never really off stage,

it's hard to say whether he's the genuine rock and roll article or just playing another part.