​"Punk Death of a Little Rich Girl"

"Drinking Session Led to End in Squalid Bedsit"
Daily Mirror, 10 January 1978​

Pretty heiress Tracey Boyle had everything to live for. Yet she died in poverty, the drunken lover of a punk rock singer. In the last sordid hours of her life, she drank herself into alcoholic oblivion...then choked on her own vomit.

The tragic story of the 19-year old Society girl who became a drop-out was revealed to a coroner's court yesterday. Tracey once had everything money could buy, but she ended up borrowing money to live. She turned her back on the good life to move from one drab bedsit to another with her boyfriend, rock singer Gary Holton.

Her wealthy parents sat at the back of Battersea Coroner's Court as the sad story of their daughter unfolded. They heard how she regularly got drunk with her punk rock companions and that she moved frequently from one seedy home to another leaving her father to pick up the unpaid bills. The father of the girl who had her exclusive education rounded off at an expensive Swiss finishing school told of the last time he saw Tracey, Thomas Boyle, from Stroud, Gloucs, told the inquest: "She wasn't an alcoholic, but she did drink alot. She had not been well - not disastrously ill, but moving from one horrific situation to another, living in down-and-out flats didn't help her health.".

It was after the drinking spree last month that Tracey collapsed - sprawled over a settee in her dingy flat in Henderson Road, Wandsworth. Drinking companions tried to revive her, but she died soon after being rushed to hospital.

Gary Holton, lead singer of the punk band Heavy Metal Kids, told of his last memory of the one-time little rich girl whose lover he had been for two years. He said: "I saw Tracey being turned onto her stomach but I was very drunk. She hadn't been happy in the flat - we had a few arguments over her family and she'd been drinking alot."

Home Office pathologist Professor Keith Simpson said Tracey's blood alcohol level wa 196 milligrams per millilitre. It represented at least five-and-a-half pints of beer or at least eleven measures of spirit. He said there was no indication that Miss Boyle had used drugs of any kind.

After the court hearing recorded the verdict of accidental death, Tracey's father left in a black Rolls-Royce. With him was Tracey's mother Mary from whom he is divorced. Before driving away he said bitterly: "Talk to Holton - he is the one who brought my daughter to degredation and to this terrible end."

Holton, who left the court on foot, said: "Trace and I were really in love with each other and that made up for not having the wealth bit. It's a terrible tragedy and I'll never get over it. It was Trace who got me off hard drugs and helped straighten me out."