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My special thanks to...

...all of Gary's fans for your words of support and those that have kindly sent me photos and articles over the years that I've included on my website. My partner Helen who, for the past 22 years, has tolerated my Gary Holton obsession! The Mirror Group Library who kindly took the time and effort to help me collate information and newspapers in the early days of research. Fellow Gary Holton fan Dave Robinson for letting me raid his personal archive and Dave Jay Donaldson and Philip Brown for their help with material. Sophie at Getty, Jah for the amazing gift and Dave Field for his generosity.
And last, but certainly not least, my huge thanks go to Mark Strain, Ernie, Joy & Tony Holton, Donna & Ben Holton for their friendship, laughs and generosity and to Keith Boyce & Ronnie Thomas of Heavy Metal Kids for their chats, support and use of their fantastic archive... Thanks guys, you are the best!


This website has been produced and maintained as a fan site for information and non-profit uses only - the author is not making any return on the work published on this site.


All text, images and other media displayed on this site have been donated or assumed to be free of use for such purposes. If you feel that any part of this site has been wrongfully published, or if you consider yourself to be the owner of any copyrighted material displayed on the site, please do not hesitate to contact me in the first instance at my email address and I will be happy to amend/remove the offending material as quickly as possible.

Although this site features articles and photographs taken from a wide variety of publications, please note that a large proportion of the content is original, and I would appreciate it if you would contact me first if you wish to reproduce any of the content used on my website site.

I am in no way connected or affiliated with the estate of Gary Holton, the Heavy Metal Kids or any other official companies or persons mentioned within this site. If you have any queries or concerns regarding these parties, please contact them directly.

Remember, Gary Holton's for life - not just for Christmas...

Rest in Peace - Des Stanley

An important member of the Heavy Metal Kids family left us on 7 February 2016 when Des Stanley lost his brave battle with cancer.
Des was hugely popular and he'll be missed immensely by all those that knew him and HMK gigs won't quite be the same without him.
Rest in peace Des, we will miss you mate.

Rest in Peace - Dave Jay Donaldson

2016 started with the very sad news that my fellow Heavy Metal Kids & Gary Holton fan Dave Jay Donaldson passed away over the new year.


R.I.P. Dave, you rock!

Sadly, Gary's dad Ernie passed away on 30 May 2018. He was 93.


A proud ex-Royal Navy man, Ernie spent many years as a successful publican in Shropshire  where Gary would often visit his Dad and entertain the locals by tinkling the ivories in the public bar!


I was lucky enough to spend many hours in Ernie's company and as you can imagine our mutual love of Gary gave us plenty to talk about. You were always guaranteed a warm welcome whenever I went to visit him and his lovely wife Joy.I'm sure Gary's fans all offer their condolences and thoughts to Ernie's family.


Rest in peace Ernie, you were a true gentleman.

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